About Me

Hi I am Mrs W.
I’m a primary school teacher and have been teaching 9 years based in and around Peterborough.

My new year resolutions for 2017 were to read more, drink more water (failing miserably at that one),  spend more time on myself to create a better work life balance and start a blog.
Today is 17th January and I have finally plucked up the courage/ put down my planning and started my blog!   *deep breaths*

So a little bit about me… I am 30 years old and currently teaching year 4. I am covering maternity leave as English coordinator and year 4 lead teacher (not sure how that happened!) I am very passionate about teaching, learning,  reading, a complete Harry Potter geek, proud Gryffindor and ex Princess (really!) I enjoy taking photographs of my food and adding way too many hashtags to instagram posts than is cool #idontcare.  Feel free to find me on instagram @memoirs_of_a_teacher 

I hope to use this platform as a way to share snippets of my life as a teacher and make links with other teachers and people from all over. You can never have too many friends.

Bye for now Mrs W x