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Today’s blog post came from a suggestion from a friend after seeing my post on Instagram. I am a self confessed/fully fledged ‘Potter Head’ and I have managed to rub off my love of magic onto the children in my class. With this in mind I was trying to think of what I could get my pupils for an end of year leaving gift. Buying them each a copy of the Philosophers’ Stone was well out of my price range and I was running out of time to make something for them.  I remember the excitement of my kids when I came dressed up as Hermione Granger on World Book Day and how they all wanted to have a go using my ‘real’ wand!


So I made a quick dash to my local Poundland and Hobby Craft stores and purchased everything I needed to make them each their own wand for about £11! I started to post my progress on Instagram when a friend suggested I make a step by step guide for any other Potter obsessed people! I have never done one of these before so hopefully this is useful and makes sense!!

You will need:

Chopping board
Hot glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks!
Brown acrylic paint
Metallic nail varnish + clear nail varnish
Paint brush + small sponge.

First you need to cut about 1 metre of string.


Then put a small amount of hot glue and the end of the pencil on top of the rubber if it has one. Carefully attach the string while glue is still wet.


When the glue has set carefully wrap around the string for about 10-12cm depending on the length you want the handle. Wrap back and forth until you are happy with the thickness of the handle. Secure the loose end with another blob of hot glue.


Apply hot glue all over the string. BE CAREFUL! It will drip so rotate the pencil slowly to try and prevent it dripping off the pencil completely. I tried a few methods and they all worked well.


For a drippy looking handle which reminds me more of Lord Voldemorts’ wand stand pencil in a glass of rice or pasta and apply lots of hot glue at the top of the pencil. I blew carefully to help it set quicker.

For a smoother looking handle I applied glue in strips across the handle and then rolled the pencil on the chopping board. I did this twice per handle and I ended up with a cool wooden like texture.

To create an ‘Elder Wand’ effect I slowly added a ring around the pencil blowing carefully to speed up the glue setting.  I did this 2 or 3 times per pencil. I would recommend doing this when the glue gun hasn’t been on too long. The hotter the glue the faster it comes out and the more like it is to drip off and burn you!!


I stood all of my wands in a glass of rice or pasta and let them cool fully for about 20 minutes. (Just enough time to make and enjoy a cuppa!)

Then to decorate! I did this in 2 stages as I didn’t have enough space to dry them. I started to apply brown acrylic paint to the handle and half way along the pencil. I used a brush and used stippling motion. I did this for 2 reasons – it added to the texture of the ‘wood’ and meant that it added enough paint not to need a second coat. Again I stood them in a glass of rice or pasta as I had finished with them.

I decided to add some bronze coloured metallic nail varnish and used a sponge to pick out some of the detailing that I had added with the glue.  I didn’t do this on all of the wands but I do think at added a lovely touch.


They were left to dry completely over night. I then decided to add a tiny amount of clear nail varnish on the handles of the wands to make sure the paint wouldn’t come off too easily.

I found one of my favourite quotes from Harry Potter and stuck it to some card. I then made two 3cm slits in the centre of the card and slotted the pencil in.



I am really pleased with how they came out and how easy it was to do. I think the children will love them . I would definitely make them again if I turned my next class into a bunch of Potter Heads too! I hope this was useful. Please let me know if you had a go and tag me in your pictures on Instagram.

My wands!

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