January Favourites

Right, it is finally February (how many months were in January?!)and I have decided to put down my planning and marking for tonight and write another blog post. I love Instagram and YouTube and one of my favourite types of posts or videos are the monthly favourites. Firstly because I am nosey and love seeing what people have enjoyed and secondly I am a sucker for a good review and this often helps guide my uncontrollable shopping addiction. Amazon must have seriously been wondering where I have been as my bank balance has prevented my daily online shopping fix.

So I have been compiling a list of products and things that I have been really enjoying during the month of January.


This month has been hard – we all start the new year with that ridiculous new years resolution to eat healthier, drink more water and do more exercise. Mine lasted approximately 17 days before I fell off the wagon and into a big box of chocolates. This is where is discovered the Fibre One brownies! Now I know they are not quite as satisfying as a bar of dairy milk but for a semi healthy treat I have really been enjoying them and they help me get my fix of chocolate after a 16 hour day working.

The next foody thing that I have been enjoying is the Alpro Soya Vanilla milk. This is YUM! I like it on my cereal and in my coffee but cannot stand it in my tea. I’ve been trying to cut down on dairy as I think I might have an intolerance… can’t cut it out completely but the soya milk is certainly making it easier.


For Christmas my lovely Mummy got me a MAC voucher. Now this was spent very quickly and the three products I chose I adore.

  1. MAC Studio Fix Fluid 
  2. MAC Studio Fix powder 
  3. MAC Studio Fix Plus setting spray

I have combination/oily skin and I nearly always end the school day with a very shiny face! These three products by no mean stop that but they definitely help. I went into the store and was colour matched and I am really pleased with how they are working.

Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Pallet–  These eyeshadows were a bargain on Amazon and they blend really nicely. There are a mixture of matte and shimmer and are really pretty.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert in Dark Blonde – I dyed my hair just after Christmas. This dye has made my hair look much healthier and has restored some of the moisture after I bleached the hell out of it. My hair is a pain and always takes the dye much darker than it shows on the box. This shade has come out a natural brown and I am really happy with it. They also sell a larger bottle of the conditioner which I also love.


Yankee Candle – Snowflake Cookie ­– This smells delicious! I love candles and we always have several burning around the house. This one makes me feel happy. Simples!

Sharpie Pens – Again I got these for Christmas and  they are useful and look so pretty. I particularly enjoy putting them in colour order.

Music: Ed Sheeran – The Shape of You. I really have missed Ed Sheeran and I am loving his new track. I enjoy belting it out in the car… Mr W less so!

Film/ TV : Hacksaw Ridge – Andrew Garfield was amazing and I was gripped right from the start. Not my normal genre of movie but I would highly recommend.

We have been watching Timeless on E4 – it has rekindled my love of History and have been enjoying reading up about the ‘real’ events that they travel back to. I want a time machine.

That is all of the bits that I have been loving in January. I enjoyed putting them all in one place and now am off to buy some more bits on Amazon for February’s favourites!

Mrs W

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