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Phew, finally finished planning, marking and prepping for tomorrow and I think I have just about enough time to try and write a blog post before I fall asleep.

Earlier this week I read an article on the BBC news website (shared by a lovely colleague who is great at keeping up with the news) about how moderate time on digital devices can boost children’s health and happiness. Read it yourself here

The article spoke about a study that has been conducted and had found a ‘Goldilocks effect’ where a few hours on a phone, tablet or computer could increase their mental wellbeing. It got me thinking that I might not be using my tablet devices in my classroom to their full potential.

I am very fortunate to have a full set of tablets in my classroom (sadly not fortunate enough that they all work at the same time!) My class adore time on them and often produce work which is of richer quality and keeps their attention on challenging tasks for longer. However I am always very conscious that if someone is carrying out a ‘learning walk’ that it could be seen as an easy option or that it is a holding task. Therefore I really do limit the time my class spend on them even encouraging not to use them during golden time.

After reading this article I think maybe I have been too tough on my class and that more sessions on the tablets might boost their health and happiness but I want to get the balance right. So tomorrow during golden time I plan to let my class have access to them alongside all of the other lovely games that Santa brought us (while they still have all of their pieces) Fingers crossed that the children and I all end with that ‘Friday Feeling!’

I am very limited in my knowledge of iPad APPs and what children enjoy and I wondered if any of you lovely people had any that you could share with me… please leave me a comment or a link.

On that note I am off to play candy crush… It is for my wellbeing… Honest!

Mrs W x

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